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牛津學堂Oxford College(1882)(Open new window)

The building materials of OXFORD COLLEGE such as bricks and fir wood are from Amoy, Fukien. The walls of OXFORD COLLEGE were made from a mixture of steamed glutinous rice, lime and sugar juice. The brick-layer who cooperated with Dr. Mackay in building OXFORD COLLEGE was said to be a noted worker in Tamsui named Mr. Hong.

牧師樓The House of Reverends(1906)(Open new window)
The House of Reverends (Bok-Su Lao) Bok-Su Lao was originally built for the Reverend William Gauld’s as his residence in 1909. After his passing in 1923, the house became the residence of the Reverend Hugh MacMillan, who served at Taipei Theological School, then the Reverend James I. Dickson at Tamkang High School.
姑娘樓The House of Maidens(1906)(Open new window)
The House of Maidens (Go-Niu Lao) This elegant, western-style red brick building was designed and built by the Reverend William Gauld in 1906 as a missionary residence for Go-Niu Jane Kinney, the headmaster of Tamsui Women’s School, and Go-Niu Hannah Connell. (Go-Niu is an honorific title for single female missionaries of the Presbyterian churches of Taiwan.)
馬偕古厝Reverend Mackay's Residence(1875)(Open new window)
Reverend Mackay’s Residence Elegantly situated on the lush, green hill of Bo-Dieng and overlooking the astonishing scenery of Tamsui, this stylistic bungalow was once the residence of the Reverend George Leslie Mackay. Designed and built in 1875 by Mackay himself, the house has three porches with an addition on the back as a study. Mackay started his family and enjoyed his missionary life here until he passed in 1901.
Missionary House 教士會館(1875)(Open new window)

Missionary House This white, western-style house built by the Reverend George Leslie Mackay in 1875 served as a second missionary residence for his visiting assistant pastors. Reverend J. B. Fraser was the first to stay here. Other missionaries to stay included K. F. Junor, John Jamieson, William Gauld, James I. Dickson, and J. D. Wilkie. The Missionary House also served as a charity school for women after the missionaries moved out, and another boy’s dormitory for Tamkang High School during W.W. II.